Convenient Hours and Locations

The Tri-Town Driving Program is offered in 3 convenient locations in the Boston area.

We have daytime, evening and weekend classroom sessions to accommodate your teenager’s schedule. In addition, we offer weekly road test services.

As a courtesy to our students and parents, we send email confirmations of class schedule, each driving lesson, and weekly road tests.

Insurance Discount

Successfully Complete the Ultimate Driving Program

And Receive 10% OFF Your Auto Insurance For Three Years

A Savings of Up To $1,000!

Example Policy

The following example shows how you will save over $1,000 with a certificate of completion from our Ultimate Driving Program.Without Tri-Town DiscountWith Tri-Town Discount
Compulsory InsuranceLimit/Deductible
Bodily Injury10,000/40,000$615.00$554.00
Personal Injury Protection8,000/0 Ded (S)$178.00$160.00
Uninsured Motorist100,000/30,000$17.00$17.00
Property Damage100,000$847.00$763.00
Optional Insurance
Optional Bodily Injury100,000/30,000$481.00$434.00
Medical PaymentsOmit------
Collision500 (ACV)$1,262.00$1,137.00
Limited CollisionOmit------
Comprehensive500 (ACV)???$114.00
Substitute Transportation$30/day to $90$63.00$63.00
Towing and Labor$50 per disabl.$8.00$8.00
Underinsured Motorist100,000/300,000$35.00$35.00
SDIP Points (0)$0.00$0.00
Vehicle Total$3,620.00$3,285.00
Total Savings per Year$0$335.00
Total Savings over Three Years$0$1,005.00
Rate Class25Insurance Discounts
GaragingStoneham-8To be eligible to receive 10% off a Massachusetts automobile insurance policy a student driver must:

  1. Have held a learners permit in good standing for a minimum of six months.

  2. Have successfully completed our Total Defense Driving Program AND Have received a Driver Education Certificate of Completion.

  3. Have passed a road test conducted by the Massachusetts State Police.

Annual Mileage0%
Multi Car (5%)No
Anti TheftNo
High TheftNo
OEM PartsNo
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This page is an Estimate only. Other adjustments may apply to the premium shown above.